pebble is a digital magazine with a mission. It’s a stylish platform that inspires sustainable living and empowers individuals all over the world to make everyday decisions more ethical.

pebble covers food, fashion, travel and design and combine up to date info on issues like microplastics with aspirational ideas and inspiring interviews to tackle global consumption. They break down and repackage the issues so that people like you and me feel like they can make a difference.

Georgina Wilson-Powell, editor, pebble, is a passionate journalist and magazine editor who is using her 16 years in the media industry for global change. She founded pebble magazine 18 months ago as a stylish portal for sustainable living advice and positive stories that help inspire people to change the world. pebble covers everything from eco-travel to ethical fashion, plastic waste, food waste, permaculture, foraging, heritage crafts, yoga and pioneers trying to impact the planet.

Georgina has become an expert in ethical fashion, plastic free living and eco-travel (after being a luxury travel journalist for many years) and also gives talks on aspects of living more sustainably without sacrificing your life.

She has moderated panels for BCorp, Flat Iron Square, Fashion Recolution Week events and Timber Festival and has been a panellist for talks on ethical fashion, zero waste, sustainable living and other related topics.

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