Our friend, and One Earth Champion, @sustainableish is hosting an online sustainable(ish) festival this week, 11th – 15th May.

And our very own @ed_tranter will be joining a panel asking at 4pm on Tuesday 12th May.

Ed is going to be joining the "Sustainability in the home - where are all the men..?!" panel.

"Ed Tranter has worked in media and events for over 25 years. His children inspired him to stop rushing around and look at the world differently, as a result he founded the One Earth Show, a national event to help promote sustainable consumer change.

He loves an eco-brick, his chickens and is trying to work out how many times/ways he can reuse the old wendy house in the garden.”

“Really excited to be involved in the #SustainableishFestivalPopup next week, organised by the amazing Jen Gale. Jen has promised I can bring my guitar to the camp fire in the evening...hopefully not as a source of firewood. It's free to attend, please visit www.asustainablelife.co.uk for more info.”

Ed Tranter, Founder, One Earth Show.

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