Our first trees have been planted in the One Earth Forest in Tanzania!

Seedlings are starting to push through the soil as we come into summer. Our ambition of planting 100,000 has just begun and we are thrilled to watch it thrive. At One Earth we are committed to making a difference to the future of the planet for future generations – not only through launching the One Earth Show which offers consumers the opportunity to come along and learn about the small positive changes they can make, but we are also committed to our own sustainability pledge and are delighted to be working with ForestNation to plant trees, to help offset the events carbon emissions, leave a positive legacy from the event and support the local communities where the forests are planted.

ForestNation are more than just tree planters. They create sustain able livelihoods by giving families seedlings to plant on their farms. When these trees mature, they provide a regular harvest which sustains their daily needs and also creates an additional source of income. ForestNation also help empower local youth through educational programmes and regualr visits to the nuseries to learn about environmental conservation, botany and horticulutre. The list of amazing things goes on and on; from creating jobs for women to the thoughtfully planted trees along river banks that ensure a fresh water supply. 

This is why we are proud and honoured to be working with ForestNation to help grow our own little piece of green.

We will keep you posted with the progress! 


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