We hope you are all safe and well. During this strange new normal we will be sharing some gentle tips and ideas to think about, including; ideas for self-care, how we can do things differently and small changes we could make at home that will have a positive impact on the planet.

Give your leftovers a second life!
There's so many ways to use leftovers ... here's just a few of our favourites. Did you know onion skins could be used as a natural dye for painting Easter Eggs? Broccoli stems make a yummy pesto. And coffee grounds can be reused as a skin scrub. Why not try one (or all) of these tips and send us a photo of your finished product. 

Hands up who isn’t sleeping well at the moment?
Hands up who isn’t sleeping well at the moment? Unrest in your daily life can cause you to have bad rest at night. And it’s no surprise with the changes to normal life and extra worry that we may not be getting the best night's sleep. There are a number of apps that can help you with your sleep. We really like Headspace or Calm which are guided meditation apps - these can often help you relax and get a better night's sleep. Or why not try Sleep Cycle - it helps you track your sleep, and works out when to wake you up so you feel refreshed rather than tired and groggy.

Origami seed pots - a great way to start growing your own!

Growing your own can often result in waste seedling pots and plant labels. Here’s some great tips to recycle and start growing your own from @LovelyGreens. Using old newspaper or loo roll centres, you can make seedling pots that decompose when planted, saving mess and waste.  Take a look here. (a great substitute whilst we can’t get to the garden centres)

Colour Me Calm

We could all do with a bit of calm right now. And colouring is a great way to focus the mind, plus you'll create something beautiful. Check out these beautiful coloring books, many of which you could order online. Or we found some great print at home options on @pinterestuk 
Don't forget to check out @sistersagainstplastic post on recycling your old felt tips pens with @terracycle after you've finished your creations, you can save them up and take them to your nearest collection point - we are certainly getting through some at the moment!

More than just a card 
Now more than ever it is important that we remind our loved ones that we are thinking of them. Whether that be through a text, a call on facetime or even an old fashioned postcard. Though when it comes to postcards, why not mix it up a little?
Seed bombing has quickly become the new fun way of planting seeds, and turns out it is a lot easier to make than you might think. With just some old scrap paper and a packet of flower seeds, you can DIY this craft in an afternoon. What an extra special way to send a postcard. 🌱 Thanks to Nature's Seed for their great guide. Check out their tutorial Here

Be Busy Bees and make your very own Beeswax Wraps
BeesWax wraps have been all the ‘buzz’ recently! Why not make your very own? Make this by yourself or take this opportunity to not only teach your kids about sustainability but also make some awesome crafts.  Check out The Wildlife Trust ‘How to make bees wax wrap tutorial’ … plus they have loads of other amazing ideas on activities you can have a go at., check them out here.

Turn up the volume on some eco-podcasts!
Podcasts are a great way to get fast, interesting and entertaining information. There’s so many out there but here are a couple of our favs;
Green Dreamer podcast by eco advocate Kamea Chayne and The Sustainable(ish) Podcast by our very own Champion Jen Gale. Whether its general sustainable living tips or more in depth facts and figures on some of the biggest issues our planet faces, there is something out there for you. Eco Warrier Princess rounds up the best podcasts on sustainable fashion.

Darn...that’s a nice shirt
Everyone has that one piece of clothing that they love but it has some wear and tear now. Why not get a needle and thread out and learn how to fix it? Youtube can be a great platform to learn new sewing techniques. If you are feeling up to the challenge you could go a step further and not just fix an item of clothing but completely alter it, or even make a new one from old clothing. Here is a very useful website called the Sew Guide, check it out for the ultimate break down on sewing.

Grow your own - the cheats way!
Did you know you can use old vegetable offcuts to start your own vegetable garden? Amazing right! Thanks for the great article from DIY & Crafts.
Zero hassle, Zero waste.

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