We are excited to annouce another amazing One Earth Show Champion; Sue Walder-Davis, founder of 365EcoDecisions.

“I’m really excited to be part of the One Earth Show. It’s a great way to help educate and support people in their journeys to more sustainable living. It’s easy to feel as though nothing is happening to resolve the environmental issues we face, so I’m excited to hear more about all the amazing things that people are doing”.

In January 2019, fuelled by frustration at the state of the planet Sue made a big resolution - she was going to spend some time every single day for a year trying to make environmentally friendlier decisions. Sue’s motivation was, and remains, the need to show her children that she is paying attention to what’s happening to our world.

Sue decided to start documenting her decisions along the way, for posterity and to hold herself accountable - never really thinking that anyone other than her mum would bother reading her daily posts. But as time went on and as Sue continued to post, her audience continued to grow, not just in numbers but in enthusiasm.

She began focusing on really little changes, yet by the end of the year Sue was wielding protest placards, talking to her MP within the walls of Westminster, running her own waste reducing community project, speaking at events and more recently putting herself forward as a Green Party candidate. Moreover, with the tools available to measure it, Sue believes that she has been able to halve her family’s carbon footprint in 12 months.

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