We are delighted to be patrnering with pebble.

pebble is a digital magazine with a mission to inspire sustainable living and empowering individuals all over the world to make everyday decisions more ethical.

pebble covers food, fashion, travel and design and combines up to date info on issues like microplastics with aspirational ideas and inspiring interviews to tackle global consumption. They break down and repackage the issues so that people like you and me feel like they can make a difference.

"I'm so excited to be partnering with One Earth Show because pebble is all about encouraging #EverydayActivism. Inspiring people to make changes in their own lives is key to helping us move towards being a carbon neutral society. We need to do this in great numbers and more quickly. I'm thrilled to be speaking at the show - discussing everyday eco dilemmas and how we can solve them."

Georgina Wilson-Powell, editor, pebble.

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