Founded in June 2019, the Party Kit Network is a network of over 375 reusable party kits providing everything you need to for a colourful eco-friendly party without the waste. The kits are available to hire across the UK and are run independently by individuals, community projects, school PTAs and small businesses. Party Kit Network are passionate about promoting a more sustainable approach to parties by making it easier to find your local zero waste party kit.

Disposable plates have become the norm at kids parties; they are colourful and make tidying up a piece of cake. But, for a party of 30 children, that is an average of 100 single use items going straight to landfill. That's a lot of waste. The Party Kit Network offer a waste free solution. 

Isabel Mack, founder of the Party Kit Network explains : “A party kit is a box of reusable tableware and decorations hired out to the local community as an easy way to significantly reduce waste at parties. It's often cheaper to hire a party kit than buying the equivalent disposables and more convenient, with everything needed for a party in a box.”

There’s a rapidly growing community of people across the UK who provide party kits as a practical alternative to disposables, helping to make parties a little more sustainable.