Sisters Against Plastic; Mary and Teresa are two sisters who made a New Years resolution: to reduce their plastic use. In 2018 they decided to do a year long plastic diet.

Motivated by a bit of friendly sisterly competition (and a homemade trophy), they weighed their plastic waste each month to see who could reduce the most over the year. Each month they picked a different area within their homes to reduce or eliminate the plastic for good. However they quickly discovered it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. But by creating a community of followers and laying their waste out for all to see, they found innovative and creative (and often really simple) ways to curb unnecessary plastic use and had a good laugh doing it.

If you have a plastic problem, or just want to see if there’s anything else you can do to get rid of those last few bits of plastic waste, the Sisters Against Plastic blog is full of ideas and tips to inspire you to do just that – from setting up their own plastic-free Buying Group to making their own bin liners, they have truly given everything a go!  Since the end of the diet in 2018, they’ve maintained their reduced plastic use and started spreading the word. They have gone onto speak to schools, uniformed groups, eco groups, government agencies and more. Spreading their expertise a little further into the black art of recycling and they have had great fun organising litter picks in their local area.